Social media is moving markets

Investors are turning to Twitter and Reddit before The Financial Times and this can significantly affect your company’s value.

Understand the value of these conversations and take control of your investor relations strategy with Flight Deck.

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GameStop isn't an outlier

Online conversation continues to explode and social media is consistently impacting markets.

Our world first tool gives you clear, actionable insights into market moving factors in real time.

Take control with Flight Deck

Know what factors are influencing investors and ultimately impacting your value.

Because when you understand what conversations are happening around your company, you’re better placed to lead conversation, foster shareholder loyalty and protect brand value.

Stock velocity



Velocity of mentions


Velocity of stock


Nathan Thompson

Chief Marketing Officer


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Use Cases

Retail Investors

Track and understand how retail and institutional investors are thinking about your business.


Identify risks for your brand and shareholders based on emerging conversations from key opinion leaders.


Find and work with the top social voices that will engage with your latest project and elevate your brand.

Our Features

Source identification

Identify key opinion leaders, top news sources, influential social authors and loudest publications that are driving mentions online related to your company.

Sentiment audit

Spot trending terms, tags and keywords associated with your brand to guide your real-time equity story and proactively adjust your narrative.

Tailored intelligence

Our platform aggregates millions of data points to give you clear and actionable insights into social factors that are impacting your value.

Our Benefits

Engage key voices

Know who the most influential voices are and understand how they talk about your business. Get real-time insights to inform your equity narrative.

Score conversations

Track mentions against trading volume to measure the impact online conversation has on your value. Lead investor conversations, rather than be late to react.

Target your audience

Build audiences based on the followings of influential voices that mention you most frequently. Join online conversations live to foster shareholder relationships.

Steven Bartlett
Co-Founder, Flight Story

The relationship between online factors and your value is no longer a mystery. It can be measured. It can be understood. It can make your story stronger. Take control. It's time to turn the lights on.

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